Pet Expo 2015

October 23, 2015 - Nate Needs

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A.P.E. neutered 50 Tom Cats at the Great Iowa Pet Expo last weekend for $25 a cat.  We received generous support from voluntary contributors to ensure we would be successful at the expo and in the future.

Our busy weekend at the expo also included aiding another rescue’s kitty, who had been injured.  The cat had been bitten at their shelter and the wound had been seen by their regular vet.  The wound abscessed and opened while at the Pet Expo.  The A.P.E. veterinary technicians cleaned the wound, covering it with gauze dressing and vet wrap.

Cat with abscessed leg.

A big thank you is necessary for those that voluntarily gave their time and resources to help A.P.E. have a triumphant weekend at the Great Iowa Pet Expo.


To learn how you can donate to help animals here in Iowa please visit our donation page on our website www.goape.info/donations

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Nate Needs