Vaccine Clinics

A.P.E. encourages pet owners to utilize their local vets.  Pet owners truly need a veterinarian to treat their pet when ill or injured.  Some vets require a patient / doctor relationship before they will come in on an emergency call for your pet.  The best way to build this relationship is to use their clinic for routine exams and vaccinations.

A.P.E. has noticed that many people cannot afford a full service vet.  Instead of working with the vet, they do no vet work at all.  This is why A.P.E. reluctantly started to offer low cost vaccination clinics.  To provide preventative veterinary care to pets in that families’ that cannot afford to use a full service clinic.  We have set our prices in a package deal.  Thus, trying to bring in those pets that have not had anything done.  Hence, making it more cost effective to use a rural full service clinic if you have had some items done (E.G., previously microchipped or current on a multi-year rabies vaccine.


Our Package Deal:

Well Pet Exam

Distemper (cat or dog)

Rabies (cat or dog)

Free Microchip ID with all Vaccinations packages!

 Only $35 cats & $45 dogs for everything!*


Cats and dogs  must be over 12 weeks of age  to receive rabies vaccine.

You will need to bring proof of prior vaccinations to receive a multi-year Rabies vaccination.

This is a package deal , a la carte on services are only available if all packaged items are done and can be verified as done with paperwork from another veterinarian.

Microchipping is mandatory for all services.

Pets will be waived from rabies if proof of current rabies is brought to the appointment, this will not reduce the cost though.

Some locations may require residency.


A la Carte Prices:

Heartworm Test   $15

Feluk/FIV test $25

Wellness Examination  $15

Rabies $15

Canine Distemper combo $15

Feline Distemper combo $10

Canine Bordetella-Oral (Kennel Cough) $15

Heartworm Test $15

Nail Trims  $16  (for well-behaved pets / able to be done without sedation)

Microchip Upgrade to lifetime registration in the manufacture’s database $10


Register online on our Pet Portal and Self Scheduling System.


*Prices subject to change without notice.  An additional $25 surcharge will be charged to unaltered pets.