Get your pet home safe if it is ever lost!  Microchip IDs are a permanent ID for your pet.  The Animal Protection and Education Charity (APE) microchips pets for $25*. This fee includes lifetime registration with FREE online data changes if you should ever move or change your phone number! APE always use veterinary professionals for their microchipping, and not a lay person.  Thus, you know your pet will be chipped correctly. All of this for only $25!*

Why APE uses Datamars microchips and PetLink.net?
  • Unlike other forms of pet ID, a microchips cannot be removed or falsified.
  • PetLink keeps your personal information safely stored and password-protected online!
  • Registration is valid for the life of your pet – no annual or renewal fees!
  • 24/7/365 Pet Recovery Hotline
  • Free Lost Pet Posters, complete with your pet’s photo


* Price subject to change without notice.  An additional $25 surcharge will be charged to unaltered pets.