Adoption Policies

If you would like to be considered to adopt or foster a pet, you must first fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire. Please find our Adoption Questionnaire on our Adoption Form page. The Questionnaire is also available as a form, that will need to be downloaded, filled out, and emailed back to us.

After we have reviewed your questionnaire and spoken with your present veterinarian and or landlord (where applicable), we will have a volunteer contact you, and do a home visit to answer any questions you may have on training a pet (crate training, housebreaking, obedience, etc.). We want to make sure you have all the information to make a fun and happy transition for your family adding a new pet.

Animals are housed with their owners, or remain at an area shelter, and are seen by appointment with their care providers, by pre-approved adopters only.

Adoption fees vary from animal to animal depending upon the veterinary care that has been provided to the animal while in the program, typically around $125-$250 for dogs and $50-$75 for cats. Please remember that every animal available for adoption through an A.P.E.-affiliated organization is fully-vetted for its age and only needs routine preventive care. Dogs older than 6 months of age are heartworm tested, all cats are tested for Feluk/FIV; all dogs are kept on heartworm preventative. Every dog and cat  is vaccinated (age appropriate), microchipped, and de-wormed, in addition to being spayed/neutered.

The following people need not apply:

• People who are not willing to travel to central Iowa to pick the animal up when approved to adopt. A.P.E. does not ship animals or meet people half way.

•People who must have a pup based on color or gender. We prefer to adopt litters of pups based on the animal’s personality and your lifestyle, and not by gender or color.

• People with pets that are not presently current on vaccinations, or have unaltered animals over 6 months of age that are not active in TICA or AKC type showing.

• People who have a history of animal neglect or abuse.

• People who are not legal adults.

• People who rent and have leases that do not allow pets.

• People who want an outdoor-only pet. (with the exception of Barn cats)