Animal Protection and Education Charity (A.P.E.) is a non-profit organization that works to reduce pet overpopulation.We work in several ways to reduce pet overpopulation.

First, we network foster homes and no-kill shelters so that all of our animals have a place to stay while we find them their forever home. Second, we educate the public about the pet overpopulation issue, ways to prevent it, and ways to train their pets. The A.P.E. accomplishes this through this website, our Facebook page, and most recently our blog.

Additionally, A.P.E. regularly provides low cost spay and neuter clinics for both cats and dogs. Also, A.P.E. offers regular vaccination clinics. Furthermore, A.P.E. runs the ONLY mobile trap-neuter-return (TNR) service in Iowa which serves more feral cats than the other TNR clinics.

The A.P.E. is always seeking donations of either items or money. Monetary donations go towards a variety of important things including updating surgical equipment. All donations to the A.P.E. are tax deductible.