Spay Day 2014

Spay Day Event – Low cost Spay and Zeuter-Neuters for Dogs!

Only $65 for a male or female dog!!  If you can not afford the $65 call APE 515.460.7729 Other donors have offered to help on a case by case situation! This coming Sunday do not miss out!

In honor of World Spay Day, observed on the last Tuesday of February each year, the Animal Protection and Education Charity (A.P.E.), the Animal Protection Society of Iowa (APSI), Jewel Animal Hospital, and Ark Sciences Charity, are working together on February 16th  to provide central Iowa with low cost Spay and Neuter packages for dogs.  A.P.E. encourages Iowan’s to help prevent unwanted litters of puppies by having your dogs spayed or neutered.

During Spay Day, A.P.E. teams up with local vets to offer a truly once a year event open to anyone needing a pet altered. No income or resident restrictions are required! This is a once-a-year deal so make your reservation today!


This event is being held at the Grand Junction Community Center on Sunday, Feb 16th, 2014.

You can register your pet for this event online visit our Reservation Page

For more information contact us via our Contact Page


What you get:

Spay surgery for female dogs  or Zeuterin Neutering for male dogs,

Distemper and Rabies vaccinations**,

Microchip ID

(** Dogs/puppies must be over 12 weeks of age to receive rabies vaccine.)

* Male puppies as young as 12 weeks and three pounds can safely be Zeuter-neutered.  Female puppies should be 12 weeks and three pounds for this event.


***** Dog over 75#, please add one dollar per pound.  Please call if you dog is over 110#.  Microchipping and vaccines are mandatory.  Unless, proof that they have already had these procedures done and can be validated as current by the owner bringing along an invoice or print out from their local vet on veterinary letterhead.  Female dogs cannot be in heat (if recently in heat, she must have been without discharge for 14 days.  Please no pregnant dogs.  Dogs found to be bred or in heat will be incurring additional charges.  Male dogs must have both testicles in the scrotum.  We reserve the right to refuse to do any male dog that is cryptorchid (missing a testicle in the scrotum).  Additional charges will be applied for cryptochid dogs that are neutered.  Cryptorchid dogs cannot be Zeuterin-Neutered.  Please no obese dogs.  Additional charges may be incurred if your dog is obese.