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May 2, 2016 - Linn

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Enjoy this $10 OFF coupon at our online store! View this offer in your browser.
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A Message From Animal Protection and Education
Free Shipping on all orders over $49*
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Welcome to our online store!
Thank you for trusting us to care for your pets. We’re pleased to offer you an easy way to order pet care products – our online store.

To help you get started we have included a courtesy client coupon for $10 off your first order with coupon code: WELCOME6 which expires 30 days from today.

$10 off orders over $75!
Additionally, all orders over $49 ship for FREE.*

Your team at Animal Protection and Education.

Browse Products - Free shippng with Autoship
If you need help or would like to place an order please give us a call: (888) 606-3336 Mon-Fri 9-6 EST. You can also Chat Live with a representative!
Coupons are valid only at our online store  (cannot be used at Dr Hindle’s office) and cannot be combined with other coupons or points. However, coupons can be used with rebates and instant savings. Each coupon requires a minimum purchase amount and can be used one time. Coupon expires 30 days from today.

*Free Standard Shipping on most medication orders over $49. Free Shipping on most medications and foods on AutoShip. There are exceptions, see our shipping policy for more information.

This email was sent to you from: Animal Protection and Education. In affiliation with Dr. Lisa Hindle Paton, IA 50217, (515)460-7729.


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