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January 1, 2016 - Nate Needs

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We all make New Year’s resolutions, right?  They usually involve getting more exercise or eating healthier (or, in my case, stop drinking so much pop!)…and let’s face it:  We usually don’t end up following through on our resolutions.  Life gets in the way, and our goals just slip our minds.

Here at A.P.E., our New Year’s resolutions are different.  We have made a list of goals for 2016 that we believe are entirely attainable, and our mission to help animals never slips our minds.  As a nonprofit, many of our goals are financial, and that’s where you come in.  We can’t do this without you.  Read on to see where your donations will be going.


Our first goal for the new year is to rescue more animals from hoarding situations.  A.P.E. has experienced some horrific hoarding cases, and though these circumstances are heartbreaking and difficult to witness, it’s also incredibly rewarding to be able to help these animals.  Rescuing more of these poor dogs and cats requires a lot of supplies:  Hazmat suits, cages, catch poles, cat nets, respirators, and live traps, just to name a few.

A.P.E.’s next goal for 2016 is to convert an existing building into a cat shelter.  The basic structure is there, but the interior is mostly incomplete and needs a lot of work.  This would include things like drywall, paint, electrical work, etc.  It will be a big job, but we are so excited to have a safe space for our adoptable kitties!


Finally, we are looking to raise enough money to put a down payment on a permanent location for a spay/neuter/vaccine clinic.  We love doing mobile clinics (and will continue to do so), but it will be amazing to have a place where we can provide low-cost spay, neuter, and vaccinations all the time!  The property will need to be large enough to hold our mobile clinic vans, and it needs to have enough storage for all of A.P.E.’s supplies.

With your donations, we can reach these goals!  Every little bit helps.  Click the links below to see the different ways to donate.  Thank you for all your continued help and support, and happy New Year from everyone here at A.P.E.!

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